Underage Drinking…



Many parents wrestle with the issue of underage drinking. Ideally, no parent wants their teen to drink or use drugs, but some parents are tempted to accept teen drinking as a harmless rite of passage. It’s unhealthy and unsafe behavior.

So how can you protect your child from harm?

Here are some tips:

  • There is no “safe” level of alcohol or drug use when it comes to teenagers. To keep your kids safe, adopt a “no use” policy. Make sure your kids know they are not allowed to drink at other people’s homes as well.
  • As parents or caregivers, present a united front, especially when it comes to issues regarding your teen’s safety and protection.
  • Don’t send mixed messages by trying to “bargain” with your teen about drinking and other risky behaviors. Trying to limit use to home sends mixed messages.  It tells your teen that drinking is okay, and puts him at great risk.
  • Forget about being the “cool” parent. Parents who are permissive have kids who are more likely to get into trouble, including traffic crashes, engaging in violence, unsafe sex and substance use.

Your words and actions DO matter.  Remember, silence isn’t golden, it’s permission—have a talk with your kids today.  Send this simple yet powerful message:  underage drinking and drug use are unhealthy, unsafe, and unacceptable!