Clermont County Parents Say No to Nicotine Experiments on Kids

Imagine if your child brought home a permission slip for you to sign – allowing them to participate in a study of the effects of nicotine on their developing brain.


We don’t need to allow our kids to become experiments to know that nicotine is addictive and causes harm to their developing brains. Unfortunately companies have been successfully marketing relatively new Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) to young people. This has created a massive experiment on effects of nicotine on kids, without your permission.

Due to pressure from the FDA, JUUL updated their website and now focuses their message more appropriately towards “adult smokers who want to switch from combustible cigarettes.” However the damage has been done. The usage of e-cigarettes rose sharply in school-age kids over the last few years.

Now they have the following on top of their website: “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.” If you admit to being under 21 they will redirect you to the following website (which has a lot of great content – check it out and encourage your kids to as well):

We need to undo the damage and put our kids back on the healthy track…NICOTINE IS ADDICTIVE AND DANGEROUS…regardless of the device used to deliver it.

I, Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service, VADM Jerome Adams, am emphasizing the importance of protecting our children from a lifetime of nicotine addiction and associated health risks by immediately addressing the epidemic of youth e-cigarette use. The recent surge in e-cigarette use among youth, which has been fueled by new types of e-cigarettes that have recently entered the market, is a cause for great concern. We must take action now to protect the health of our nation’s young people. KNOW THE RISKS. TAKE ACTION. PROTECT OUR KIDS.Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service, VADM Jerome Adams

They are not safe for our kids and it’s important to make sure that you tell your kids about the dangers of juuling (or whatever they want to call it). Watch the video below.

Information for Parents from the Surgeon General’s Advisory on E-cigarette Use Among Youth

(Full advisory message)

  • You have an important role to play in addressing this public health epidemic.
  • Learn about the different shapes and types of e-cigarettes and the risks of all forms of e-cigarette use for young people at
  • Set a good example by being tobacco-free. If you use tobacco products, it’s never too late to quit. Talk to a healthcare professional about quitting all forms of tobacco product use. For free help, visit or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.
  • Adopt tobacco-free rules, including e-cigarettes, in your home and vehicle.
    Talk to your child or teen about why e-cigarettes are harmful for them. It’s never too late.
  • Get the Surgeon General’s tip sheet for parents, Talk With Your Teen About E-cigarettes, at Start the conversation early with children about why e-cigarettes, including JUUL, are harmful for them.
  • Let your child know that you want them to stay away from all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, because they are not safe for them. Seek help and get involved.
    • Set up an appointment with your child’s health care provider so that they can hear from a medical professional about the health risks of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.
    • Speak with your child’s teacher and school administrator about enforcement of tobacco-free school policies and tobacco prevention curriculum.
    • Encourage your child to learn the facts and get tips for quitting tobacco products at