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The Coalition for a Drug-Free Clermont County is committed to bringing information about substance abuse preventino to the community. Below are links to websites for both parents and teens that provide objective information.

For Teens

Above the Influence
Above the Influence is a program dedicated to helping teens be themselves, and not fall into the influence of peer pressure. There are many resources and information on this site that can help teens stay true to themselves without the use of substances.

The Cool Spot
This is another great website for teens The Cool Spot is dedicated to providing the facts about underage drinking. The site offers information on risks, how to resist and deal with peer pressure, as well as helpful information and links to programs for teens who live with someone with an alcohol problem.

For Parents

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
SAMHSA provides parents information on their website. SAMHSA's new "Talk. They hear you." campaign gives parents the resources and information they need on how to talk about drinking with their teen.

Parents. The Anti-Drug
This "Parents. The Anti-Drug" campaign focuses on how to talk to teens about substance use and abuse.

Clermont Recovery Center
Clermont Recovery Center offers several programs for adolescents who have used drugs or alcohol. These programs offer education and support to help the teen develop healthier life choices. There are also prevention programs available.